Posted on May 10, 2018

Jerry's Apparel

The Best Women’s Sandals for Spring & Summer
Madiosn - Wedge Sandal *A comfortable cushioned rubber surface and soft straps for long walks. *Sandal body is made with durable material for long term use. *Strong strap with invisible stopper inside of sole. This motif is made of a golden waterproof faux leather shaped in a bow, with a variety of white crystal diamonds on top. The largest diamonds are placed on each side and in the center of the motif. This motif is strongly affixed on the straps. Approved for 300 newton.

“In a word: amazing. These shoes are like walking on clouds. The straps and sole just feel super plush and soft; no slipping, no rubbing, and you really don’t feel like you’re walking in heels at all. I really think it's worth the price. Perfect summer shoes for any occasion.
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